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All Cities Signs

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Light Boxes


All Cities Signs is the tri-states Sign House-Wire to Wire. Quite often, your electrical sign (commonly referred to as a cabinet sign)is your potential customer's first impression of your business.
Remember that you get just one chance to make a first impression. Our company understands the need to identify your business in a powerful and professional attention getting manner.
We offer a wide variety of lighted signs in the outdoor lighted sign cabinet category. These outdoor electrical sign boxes are available in three different formats- Wall, Monument and Pole (often called Pylon) Signs.
We have years of experience in a variety of outdoor styles with an excellence in craftsmanship. Our durable lighted signs will advertise to all of your customers with first-rate precision and credibility. All of our products in this category can be single faced or double-sided, with either flat face or a raised (pan) face. These electrical changeable copy signs are becoming more popular with all types of businesses today.
Many businesses offer daily or weekly specials, and with the ability to easily change the copy, it definitely can be your frontline salesperson.
Give us a call and talk to one of our professional salespeople today, and let us assist you in selecting and designing the perfect electrical outdoor sign cabinet for your business.

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All Cities Signs provides a full spectrum of internal signs from economical flourescent lighted sign boxes to the ultra thin, low profile LED indoor lighted displays. You can choose from standard aluminum frames to the light weight PVC frames for all of your indoor lighted signs.
We can produce interior lighted signs with high resolution color imaging faces (Duratrans/Transparencies). Vacuum formed sign cabinets are also available.

We can custom design & sell indoor signs for corporate lobby displays, all types of retail establishments and for businesses large or small.